Kratios Professor Vasilios Katsaitis

10th Dan by the Okinawa karate Do, Federation


O.P.L.R.P./U.F.S.K.A./ N.A.B.B.A. / I.S.K.A. / A.P.A.F. /W.P.M.A.F./ C.F.H.of Fame 

    And Promoter

“Cosmopolitan Florida Hall of Fame”


ORTHOSTADIN  PYX - LAX, RASSEIN                                                           “A FORM OF PANKRATION” 

The Hellenic Way Is the Ancient Greek Way of Self defense .Orthostadin Pyx Lax Rassein

Katsaitis Pankration “THE PANKRATION WAY

 And the karate Voice Editor

And School Owner from 1979 K.F.K.A.

Shorin Ryu Okinawa Karate,Do

“Mind over Matter” from 1987

Orthostadin Pyx-Lax Rassein Pankration

Hellenic Martial Arts Academy

Miami, Hollywood,

Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Boca Raton, Delray

Florida  U.S.A.

Rank: 10 th Degree Red Belt –

50 years in the martial arts Born June 17, 1952

Patras, Greece

Styles Trained:  Boxing, Greek Wrestling,
 Shorin - Ryu Matsubayashi Ryu Okinawan Karate Do, Bandesh, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Shori Kempo, Kendo, Tae Kwan Do, Shaolin Boxing & Kobudo
Instructors:   Nikitas, Nikos Aronis, Peter Armenakis, Steve Magaritis, Anko Kua, Shoshin Nagamine, John Pachivas, Sonny Zermeno, Eddie Ramos 
Countries Trained: Patras - Greece, Munich - Germany, Sicily - Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong - China, Calcutta - India, Naha & Shuri - Okinawa - Japan, Bangkok -Thailand, New York, Philadelphia, Florida - USA
Teaching Experience: In 1975 the Shorin Ryu system by Anko Kua and in 1979 the Matsubayashi System by Shoshin Nagamine
In 1987 founded his own forms system: “The Hellenic Martial Arts”  Orthostadin Pyx-Lax Rassein Pankration.
Started his training in 1961
* Left Greece in late 1969 and continued his training with Anko Kua in Singapore in the Shori-Te system and Ju-Jitsu
*1971 received 1st degree black belt -Oriental system of Shorin Ryu by Anko Kua
* 1972- received 2nd Degree Black Belt by Anko Kua, 1972-1975 was enlisted in the Greek Military and continued training, and in 1975 received his 3rd degree Black Belt by Master Peter Armenakis and 1st degree Grand belt in Ju-Jitsu teaching
* May 1975, started teaching
* End of 1975 - 1976 Left Greece again to travel to Calcutta, India, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Okinawa, USA
* Late 1976 came to Philadelphia, PA. USA
* 1976 started training in Shorin-Ryu Matsubayashi Ryu System of Shoshin Nagamine
* 1977 met Grandmaster Ansei Ueshiro (Shorin Ryu Karate USA) in his New York Dojo also met Sensei Zenko Heshiki (after meeting Sensei Heshiki, he gave Kratios Vasilios Katsaitis a deeper meaning, secret harmony and awareness of the Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate-Do system (Matsubayashi Ryu)
* 1979 moved to South Florida, USA continued his training with Master Sonny Zermeno and Master Eddie Ramos in the Matsubayashi Ryu System
* Late 1979, in Homestead, Florida, opened his first school (in his garage)
* 1981-1984 moved to Hollywood, Florida and opened a school,K.F.K.A of  Shorin Ryu
* 1984 moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and received his 4th degree Black Belt from Master Eddie Ramos and continued teaching, also founded The World Pan Hellenic United Martial Arts Foundation - World Information About Pankration
* 1987 before the passing of Master Eddie Ramos, received his 5th degree Black Belt and Kratios took over Master Eddie Ramos system of teaching and students with his blessing. He also received a 5th degree from Master Sonny Zermeno. Also founded UFSKA - United Florida Sports Karate Association.
* 1991 received his 6th degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Johnny Pachivas from The United States Karate Association and started his martial arts publication The Karate Voice
* 1993 received his 7th degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Caesar Carbana in the Shorin Kempo   System “Founder by GM. Eddie Ramos &GM. Caesar Carbana”
 Also founded NABBA - North American Black Belt Association. Promoted the first Pankration tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA Pankration Classic Open. Over 2000 years Pankration had not been in competition. Yearly a Pankration competition is held in the spring

·       1994 received his 8th degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Anko Kua and Shorin-ryu, and Grandmaster Caesar Carbana, and Shorin-Kempo, Systems.

* 1995 founded “The Karate Voice ”Cosmopolitan Florida Hall  Of Fame/ Martial Arts Brotherhood - one of the most successful International organizations recognizing martial artists around the world that is held every December, over 6500 members NATIONAL&INTERNATIONAL!!!

·       1996 founded The American Pankration Athlima Federation      

·       By the Future Olympic Pankration Competitions recognized

·       * 1999 received his 9th degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Anko Kua System Shorin-Ryu Okinawan Te.  And 9th Degree   from Grandmaster  Caesar Carbana,. and Shorin-Kempo, Systems.


Kratios  professor,  Vasilios Katsaitis,10th  Degree,                           

Orthostadin Pyx Lax, Rassein,

A Form of Pankration  The Hellenic Martial Arts                     (Pux Lax Rassein, Pankration)

From 1987, Kratios Master Vasilios Katsaitis has been building the foundation to build his own system: Pankration Orthostadin Pyx-Lax. In 1993, he started teaching his system. In 1995, he built his federation: International Pankration Athlima Federation. And 1996 he built the A.P.A.F. American Pankration Athlima Federation,

He is the father and founder of the Hellenic Martial Arts system known as   ORTHOSTADIN PYX- LAX RASSEIN PANKRATION, (Pyx - Lax Pankration) is world renown for his international instruction, including hall of fame recognition. Our system dates back to ancient Hellenic self-defense techniques and competitions, with an emphasis on total combat self-defense using the eight points of circle fighting, the movement and flexibility of a Pine Tree.   This includes 25 forms, ancient Greek Boxing, kickboxing, grappling, Throwing ground fight, and self-defense techniques, incorporating many uses of hand and leg striking and locking. Offensive techniques include fists, open hand combinations, high and low kicking, flip techniques, and cardiovascular exercise. Using a belt system for promotions, we emphasizes basics, forms, flexibility, balance, focus, discipline, courage, meditation, and many other attributes of the martial arts, thus creating a Healthy Mind and a Healthy body. This is Pyx-Lax Rassein Pankration is the only forms and basics Modern Pankration today. All of his prior training including his military training and instructors  mentioned has given something to Kratios Vasilios Katsaitis to build his Pankration in Forms, Discipline, Fighting and Courage Standing System.   His beautiful wife Gina (agent, advisor, bookkeeper and coordinator of his  Organization ) for her encouragement through the years also a black belt and instructor

Oslo a black belt instructor’s Is And The Family
Gina Katsaitis,Carmen Katsaitis,Kostantina Vasiliki Katsaitis, Dimitrios Katsaitis,  Aggelos Spiropoulos And Archontoula Lotsari.Train in teaching Sorin Ryu Okunawan karate do, and Pyx Lax Rassein Pankration
The Hellenic And The Okinawa  martial arts.
One of his favorite friends is his uncle Nikitas. He first introduced him to Boxing & grappling (Orthostadin Paly) at the age of 8. Nikitas passed away in 1984 but has always stayed in his memory, remembering his smile and his words of correction "Don’t fall this way, use your flexibility. First worry about moving away from the strike and then worry about your block and punch or you throw’s”
Currently he has 142 black belts (to January 1 2009) promoted in his own system around the world. Has promoted 148 seminars around the world including: Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Serbia, Cypress, Canada ,South America and the USA.

Three of his favorite sayings

1*"The Man with One Eye Is the King of the Blind"

2*"Competition Is Good For the Soul" And

 3* "The Best Teacher You Can Have After I Teach

 You Is Yourself”