Kratios' Professor Vasilios Katsaitis, I` 10 th Degree

In 1961, he began training martial arts, giving him over 47 years experience and 33 years in his professional teaching career. He is the father and founder of the Hellenic Martial Arts system known as OTHROSTADIN PYX- LAX RASSEIN  PANKRATION, (Pyx- Lax Pankration) is world renown for his international instruction, including hall of fame recognition. Our system dates back to ancient Hellenic competitions and self- defense techniques, with an emphasis on total combat self defense using the eight points of circle fighting. This is modern day training. This includes Forms and Basics ancient Greek Boxing, kickboxing, grappling, throwing ground and  self-defense techniques, incorporating many uses of hand and leg striking and locking. Offensive techniques include fists, open hand combinations, high and low kicking, flip techniques, and cardiovascular exercise. Using a belt system for promotions, we emphasizes basics, forms, flexibility, balance, focus, discipline, courage, meditation, and many other attributes of the martial arts, thus creating a Healthy Mind and a Healthy body. This is Pyx-Lax Rassein Pankration.

The Pankration to Day

Style, Name: Orthostadin Pyx-Lax, Rassein Pankration In defining a martial arts revolution, Kratios Vasilios Katsaitis, developed his own style of Orthostadin Pankration, Pyx Lax Rassein traditional martial arts System, Forms, Basics, of Boxing, Kickboxing, Throws, Locks, Pressure Points, and important defense Wrestling moves, Locks, Release Locks and Submission and including open hand, fist, head strike, knees, elbows, kicks, throws, locks and escape body moves. These are the moves of Orthostadin and Kato Pankration, standing and on the ground techniques. This system teaches the 8  point circle, body and Hand to hand Army Combat Street Defense, and the Athletic Competition Way.

The style of  Pyx Lax Rassein Pankration can be seen in familiarity in Chinese styles called Sholin Kung Fu Boxing and Shuai Chiao and from Japan, Karate and Jiu Jitsu and in the Western Continents a combination of Kickboxing and grappling, and Steet Defense.

                    Pankration is one of the oldest ancient styles 10,000 to 12.000.BC. This was the last known written information. In 1987 Kratios started to develop Pyx Lax Rassein and in January 1,1993 is started to teach. Pyx Lax Rassein is the branch from the Pankration tree and the Pan Ancient  Olive Tree “This tree was planted from the belly button of the earth” The branches of the  Pankration Tree is now an umbrella around the earth. The Hellenic Way.

Founder: Kratios Vasilios Katsaitis. The style of Orthostadin Pyx- Lax , Rassein Pankration

 Also the National/International Founder/Executive Director of The Cosmopolitan Florida Hall Of Fame and Founder/Executive and Technical Advisor of the American Pankration Athlima Federation and the World Pan Hellenic Martial Arts Foundation

Katsaitis Pankration Academy/Mind Over Matter Hellenic Martial Arts Academy:       Plantation, Florida 33317 U.S.A. Tel. (954) 587-657-3740


Class: The Journey to the Ultimate goal begins with one STEP, at the Home Of The Spartans, The Palestra of The Spartans: The Katsaitis Pyx-Lax Rassein Pankration Academy. Here you will learn:

Don`t Be A Victim of Violent Crime, Learn Proven Methods of the Hellenic Martial Arts, Pyx Lax,Rassein Pankration.

·          Learn the Ancient Hellenic Secrets. 

·         Build Body, Mind and Spirit. Develop Self Confidence, Weapons Training, and Street Defense Attack. Basics, Forms. 

·         Pankration Karate * Kickboxing * JuJitsu * Self Defense * Fitness Cardio Vascular Program

·         Lose Weight, Release Stress, Build Confidence. 


·         Improve Grades, Learn Self Discipline, 

·         Improve Concentration, after school Programs, National/International Competition


Head Instructor:

Kratios Professor Vasilios Katsaitis    I` 10 Degree  Pankratista


Black Belt Instructors

Gina Katsaitis - D`,4th Degree Black Belt

Carmen Katsaitis -G 4th Degree Black Belt

Donna Alfredson -G `3rd Degree Black Belt



John Ioannou

2nd Degree

 Jaime Herrera

2nd Degree 

Harold Bailey

2nd Degree

David Portalatin

1st Degree

Dimitrios Katsaitis

1st Degree

Kostandina Katsaitis

1st Degree 


The main academy is located at:


Plantation, Florida 33317 USA


(954) 657-3740