pux-lax rassein     PUX_ LAX RASSEIN










Article 1

1.THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICAN PANKRATION ATHLIMA FEDERATION PYX-LAX RASSEIN (hereinafter called the AFederation@) was formed by the countries all over the world, and by the inhabitants of these countries in which the Pankration Athlima is being promoted. Orthostadin Pyx-Lax Rassein is a basics, forms, system designed to teach street defense and Olympic competition events. Orthostadin Pyx-Lax Rassein was founded by Kratios Grand Master Vasilios Katsaitis and may be taught with his permission only. All rights reserved.


2. The name of this body is A UNITED STATE OFAMERICAN PANKRATION ATHLIMA FEDERATION PYX-LAX RASSEIN@ and it represents the Ancient Greek Olympic Pankration Athlima having as a purpose the cultivation, the development and spreading of Pankration as sport-fight, based on the principles of the sporting ideal, the spirit of athletes, the generous competition, the honest and fair fight and the straight estimation according to the fundamental principles (Article 1, Paragraph 1 and 2) and according to the rules and the principles of the World Panhellenic United Olympic Pankration Athlima Competition (W.P.U.O.P.A.C.)


3. The Federation is a non-political federation which does not discriminate between human races or religious convictions.




Article 2

1. The purpose of the Federation is to unite Pankratiasts from all Pan American and the world, and generally to create real bonds of friendship, fraternity and solidarity between the people of the Earth according to the ideals of the Ancient Greek Olympic Pankration Athlima Competition, and to spread these among all the athletes who practice on the Pankration Athlima. It has the supreme supervision at every athletic and technical (sport )manifestations all over the world. It creates the proper presumption for the right spreading of the sport by doing fights, shows and every kind of athletic or not athletic manifestation, indicating the technical and organization rules at world level. It also settles any disagreements between members.


Article 3

1. Every National or State Organization-Association (hereinafter called Association@) of Pankration may become a member of the Federation.


2. Also, other groupings or unions that have athletes and are not in opposition with an official Association member may apply for membership in writing and present their application to the Conference of the Federation for approval.


3. Only one Association from each country or State, may become a member of the Federation


4. In case there is more than one Association in the same country, or State only the one recognized by the World Panhellenic United Olympic Pankration Competition Committee (W.P.U.O.P.C.C.) or by the official Athlima (sports)leaders of each country, State in this order, may become a member of the Federation.


5. In case the official Association does not apply for membership to the Federation, the latter may accept the application from another body, informing the official Association of such a step.


6. Once an Association becomes a member of the Federation, it cannot be erased unless it violates the present Statutes or by resolution of the Conference decision of the Federation passed by the majority of the participants.


7. Finally, an erased Association may apply for a new membership two (2) years after it has been erased.


8. The Federation shall not interfere with the internal affairs of National Federations unless it has violated the Athlima( sports) technical regulations or arbitration rules.


Article 4

1. Any Association wishing to become a member of the Federation must contact directly the Secretary and present him all the necessary documents which are going to approve the technical and organizational integrity of the Federation.


2. The members of the Federation=s Board shall consider the application and approve the provisional membership until the matter is presented to the next General Meeting of the members.


3. Provisional members may participate in all the events of the Federation but may not vote in General Meetings when attending these as observers.


4. The Conference decides upon full membership provided that the official representatives of the applying Association are present.


Article 5

1. The official seat of the American Federation is situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

2. The flag of the Federation is as follows: "American Pankration Federation" at the top; 2 white Greek columns on either side; 2 green branches of the olive tree shaped as a crown; American flag shaped as a shield in the middle with "USAPAF" at the top and "PYX-LAX RASSEIN" at the bottom of the flag; a circular Meandros seal at the center of the flag with "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PANKRATION ATHLIMA FEDERATION" in the English language on the outer edge of the round seal; "PANKRATION ORTHOSTADIN PYX-LAX" in the Greek language on the inner edge of the round seal; at the center of the seal are 2 ancient Pankratiastis depicted in the position of "Pyx-Lax" in front of 1 Greek column and surrounded by 2 branches of the olive tree in the shape of a crown. The patch of the (stale) school is as follows: upright Pygme front sid of a right handed closed-fist with the face of an olive tree with two branches of the "Pyx Lax Pankration" in the Greek language. The color is dark navy blue and olive color..

3. The athletes track-suit is officially called Endyma@ and consists of a blue or red APeriskelida@ held in the waist by a rubber Zonari( belt) and AMeandro@ along the sides and a white, or red closed AHitonio@ with Meandro at the neck and at the periphery. To the left and right of the neck until the sleeves shall be sewn the national colors of each country member.


4. The ceremony commencement is done according to the interpretation setting of the W.P.U.O.P.C.C. Rule 62.


5. The end of the ceremony is done according to the interpretation setting of the W.P.U.O.P.C.C. Rule 65.


6. The official language between the members of the Federation is English.


7. The official language of the Athlima( sport=s) technique is Greek.




Article 6

1. The purpose of the Federation is the restoration of the Pankration Athlima contest at the place that owns at the Olympic Pankraton Athlima (Sports)". Ton en Olympia to kalliston ''(The best in the Olympic games).


2. For this purpose the Federation cooperates with the Historic Research Institution and Technical Development of the Pankration Athlima.


3. The institution seat is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida U.S.A. and its purpose is the research and study of the historical clues of this ancient Greek Athlima, as a philosophy, as a technique and as a Athlima (sport) in order to have it social and Athlentic (sport) clues all the proves that will say it is authentic.


4. The institution cooperates with the World Panhellenic United Civilization Ministry, Olympic Pankration Athlima Competition Committee (W.P.U.), The World Panhellenic Olympic Pankration Academy (W.P.U.O.P.A..), and the Universities.


5. The results of this research will be announced at dailies that will be done especially for this purpose at W.P.U.O.P.A.. at Ancient Olympia Grece.


6. According to the congress it will be done training at Members of the World and National Committees like: Technical Members Committees, National trainers, National team members and simple athletes.


7. No National Association can change the terminology and the technical program or part of it.


8. The technical responsibilities that have been set from every National Association in order to cultivate, develop and spread the Pankration Athlima contest at their country has to pass the specific institution seminars in order to have more knowledge to acquire the title of APankrati@.


9. To obtain the superior title gives the right to those that have it to be recognized as heads on the Trainer=s body of Pankration Athlima with the above Paragraph 3 and after a special ceremony they proclaimed honorary Members of the Institution.


10.Kratios gives the right and the title, To Igitor Pankrati`s.The Igitor Pankrati`s title gives the right to the one who has it to train the Members of the National or State ,Association always according to the technical program and the time spaces the Federation has elaborated in cooperation with the above institution.


Article 7

1. Each member Association shall pay its contribution at the beginning of each year, no later than the end of January.


2. The amount of the yearly contribution shall be specified by the Conference.


Article 8

1. National/State Associations failing to pay the contributions thereof in due time shall be automatically excluded from all the events of the Federation or any other activity until the payment of such contributions.


2. Associations owing their contributions at the time of the Conference may attend the Conference but may not vote.


3. Associations excluded for more than three (3) years due to the non-payment of the contributions thereof shall be deleted from the rolls of the Federation.




Article 9

1. For the purpose of the best technical and organizational integrity of events eventually asked by two or three country or State members of the Federation, the permission for the hosting of the event shall be granted by the Federation and only by the responsible body thereof.


2. In case such events involve only two members as participants, information in writing shall be necessary.


3. The member Associations of the Federation may not have any activities with member Associations which were penalized or excluded due to the non-payment of the contributions thereof.


4. If they do not comply, they shall be automatically referred to the Conference which shall decide on the imposition of penalties.


5. On the other side, in view of the general promotion and expansion of Pankration Athlima around the world, they are allowed the fights between mixed continental teams and the participation in friendly countries with friendly contests should be done and generally should encouraged by the Federation.




Article 10

The Organizational Administrative bodies of the Federation are the following:

a) the Annual Conference;

b) the Board; and

c) the Bureau.

A) The Annual Conference


Article 11

1. The Annual Conference shall comprise of:

a) the Board;

b) the Delegates and responsible parties of Member Federations and Associations; and

c) the Observers.


2. Each member Association may not be represented in the Annual Conference by more than two Delegates while only one of them shall have the right of vote and speak.


3. The Delegates of the Associations must have special documents attesting their office and signed by the President of their Association. These documents must also specify which Delegate has the right of vote and speak.


4. The representative of the national Associations from the founding members of Federation have the right of two votes. Also, this right is automatic and the Associations that have organized one Universal championship to their country.


5. Observers from non-member countries may speak but they may not vote.


6. The Secretary checks all the necessary documents and should that person identify any problems, the Secretary shall report the problem to the Conference. The said check shall take place prior to the opening of the Conference.


Article 12

1. The Conference is presided over by the President, succeeded by the AA@ Vice President, succeeded by the AB@ Vice President according to the order they were elected.


2. The Conference President is assisted by the Secretary, succeeded by one of the two Vice Presidents.


3. Only one invitation is made for the Conference. Member Associations are obliged to notify the Secretary of the receipt of the written invitation within the defined deadline specified by Article 15.4 of the present statutes.


4. In case a quorum is not present, resolutions shall be passed by at least one third of the country members.


Article 13

1. Associations may appoint Delegates from other country members to represent them by an instrument of proxy. Delegates may not represent more than two countries and shall have no further voting rights apart from the right appertaining to these two countries.


Article 14

1. The Members of the Board do not have the right to vote unless they have a special document issued by the Association they represent.


Article 15

1. Resolutions are passed by the majority of the participants. In general, the vote shall be nominal. In election polls or special issues or at the request of any member the vote shall be secret. In case of an equality of votes, the President of the Conference shall decide.


Article 16

1. The Conference shall be convened every year at ancient Olympia at the installations of the Federation where the seat of the Federation is located, and it shall preferably take place at the same time with a contest, championship or other sports event.


2. It will also take in mind that should there exist a related cyclic course, between the members that will undertake the constitution of the next Congress of the Federation


3. In case the country which undertook the organization of the Conference is unable to do it, the Conference shall be organized by another country to be specified by the President of the Federation.


4. The Conference elects the Members of the Board every four years, it approves the statutes, modifies the regulations, if necessary, settles all questions relevant to the Pankration sport after listening to the report of the Technical Committee, specifies and discusses upon questions or decisions made by the Board of the Federation as well as proposals by Members on contributions or any other matter.


5. The invitation to the Conference specified by the previous Conference shall be sent no later than two months prior to the opening thereof.


Article 17

1. The Conference may consider only the questions listed in the agenda.


2. In the last two months prior to the opening of the Conference, the Secretary shall send to each member Association and candidate member the agenda to be discussed which includes all the issues raised by the members of the Federation.

3. Questions not included in the agenda of the Conference but proposed by the Secretary at the beginning of the Conference may be considered by the Conference by resolution of the participants. In case of the lack of time, the matter shall be discussed by the Members of the Board or it will be adjourned for the next meeting of the Federation depending on the importance of the matter.


Article 18

1. One month prior to the specified date of the Conference, the Board of the Federation shall receive, with regard to the meeting thereof, a relevant briefing document or a note with all the questions to be discussed or any other information relative to the Conference.


2. This document shall contain all information relative to the date and place of the Conference.


Article 19

1. Special meetings may be convened by decision of the three quarters of member Associations or the majority of the members of the Board, at ancient Olympia or in a country member to be proposed by the President of the Federation. In case an special meeting is requested by at least two thirds of the member Associations of the Federation, a letter specifying the reasons and motives for such request shall be sent at least three months prior to the date of the special meeting to the Bureau of the Federation.


2. The agenda must include the reasons for the convocation of the Conference.


B) The Board


1. The Board consists of thirteen (13) members; the seven (7) of them are being elected for the President positions, the First and the Second Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and one Member. The other six (6) positions are automatically taken from the Presidents of the Continental Unions as AC@, AD@, AE@ and AF@ Vice President and President of the Historical Research Institution, Investigation and Technical Development of Pankration Athlima as President of the Technical Committee at the frame of Article 6.


2. The members of the Board are elected for four (4) years. The number of members resigning and whose resignation is accepted cannot be more than two in any one year. Resigned members may be re-elected.


3. The members of the Board must meet at least once a year as well as on the occasion of Federation meetings. The Board shall be convened by the President at any such times as he may think fit or as may be requested by the majority of the members of the Board. The Board shall ratify any decisions concerning the Federation and ratify or the decisions made directly by the Bureau or the President due to emergency reasons.


4. Candidates for the Board must be announced to the General Secretary no later than three months prior to the opening date of the Federation Conference.


5. Candidates for the Board must be ratified by a special document issued by the member Association of the candidate, which will request the position the candidate desires. Candidates must also be members of said Association.


6. After the expiration of any time constraints concerning a member of the Board, such member is again automatically a candidate for re-election in the same office and it does not have to present its candidate from the state.


Article 21

1. The President of the Board is elected for eight (8) years according to Article 14, Paragraph B of U.S.A.P.A.F.. from the Congress and the Counselors and directs the Federation or represents the Federation whenever needed.


2. In case the President resigns, the responsibilities are transmitted to one of the Vice Presidents, according to the election row, until the next Congress meeting.


3. In case of an equality of votes in the Board, the President shall have a casting vote.


Article 22

1. The other members of the Board are not elected by the Conference.

a) The AA@ Vice President assists the President and substitutes him when he is unable to perform his duties according to the order they were elected.

b) The Secretary deals with the paperwork of the federation and any friendly procedures with other country members as well as with third parties. Upon the request of the Secretary, the President shall appoint a Special Secretary - without the right to vote - probably residing in the same city as the Secretary.

c) The Treasurer is responsible for the Treasury of the Federation and updates the corresponding account. All expenses must be approved by the Board beforehand.


Article 23

1. The historical research program is undertaken from the Historical Research Committee.


2. The technical program is undertaken from the Technical Committee.


3. The referee program is undertaken from the Referee Committee.


4. The activities of the above Committees are directed from the Historical Research Institution, Investigation and Technical Development of Pankration Athlima to preserve the years of Pankration sport-fight all over the world.


5. These consist from: The President, the Secretary, and one Member, which was elected from their concrete ability. The choices of Historical Research Committee, Technical Committee and Referee Committee, will be confirmed from the Board of the Federation.


6. For other particular competencies other Committees will be appointed from the Administrative Council.


7. Only one member from each country may participate in each committee.


8. The Members of the Administrative Council of Federation can take part at different Committees but they cannot be referees at the same time.


C) The Bureau


Article 24

1. The Bureau is comprised of the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. It is convened by the Secretary upon the President=s request.


2. In case of emergencies, the Bureau shall decide upon the major issues but these decisions shall be ratified by the Plenary Session of the Conference in the next meeting of the member Associations of the Federation.





Article 25

1. Each conference shall appoint an Auditing Committee to check the accounts. It shall have three Members other than the Members of the Board. The Committee shall check the Treasury and inform the Conference.


Article 26

1. All the Executives which become Members of the Federation Board offer their services without reward.


2. All the traveling expenses will be covered by the Associations of their countries unless they represent foreign countries, in this case their expenses will be borne by the Associations they represent.


3. Each Association has to cover every stay and trip expense of its Member, that has at every Committee of the Federation.


4. When a member of the Administrative Council or a member of the Committees needs for a particular purpose at their competence frame to go at a country Member of the Federation then all the stay and trip expenses will be covered by their National Association.


5. A special account shall be kept by the Board for usual expenses on a yearly basis.


6. Any expenses or other charges shall be expended after the approval of the Board or by decision of the Bureau. The decisions of the latter shall be ratified by the Conference.


7. The final report shall be presented at the beginning of each Federal year to the Conference by the Treasurer of the U.S.A.P.A.F.United State of American Pankration Athlima Federetion.




Article 27

1. The Federal Year begins on the first of January and expires on the 31st of December of the same year.




Article 28

1. The present Statutes shall govern by the Federation as soon as they are approved by the Conference of the State/ country members.


2. Amendments may be introduced by the majority of the Members in the Conference. The proposed amendments shall be presented to the Secretary not later than three months prior to the Conference of the Federation.


Article 29

1. In case of dissolution of the Federation, its assets shall be distributed to its Members.


2. Approved by the Administrative Council that held in and Fort Lauderdale Florida, U.S.A..


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