The World Pan Hellenic United Martial Arts Foundation was formed to unite all Hellenic martial artists around the world to have one voice and one mind to rep­resent a united fist entering into the new millennium to the world martial arts. With­out ego's, politics in the martial arts or economic benefits. Bringing the spirit, love and knowledge of the Hellenic ancient way of martial arts. The Pankration Way -"Ail encompassing power"
The world knows that Hellas is the cradle of civilization, the origin of the west, the birthplace of democracy and the birthplace of the Olympics. It's hard to imagine what civilized life would be like today without the influence of Ancient Hellas. The Hellenics invented drama and amphitheaters to perform in. Hellenics invented the Olympic Games and Euclid and Pythagoras formulated the theories that geometry students slave over to this day. And there isn't a computer programmer who hasn't studied the logic of Aristotle. Ancient Hellas created a style of architecture which was the model for the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and state capitals across the land. Doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath named for the father of medicine. Children learn about the ant and the grasshopper and other characters from the fa­bles of Aesop. Hellenic influence has been so strong throughout our heritage, so prevalent in our everyday lives, that is why the Hellenic American cannot help 
but be proud.
Know it and believe it that Hellas was one of the first civilizations to practice the martial arts. Proven by stone tablets and by martial arts professors of today and ac­knowledged by some of the most famous world martial arts teachers and historians. Twelve thousand (12,000) years B.C. in ancient Greece, Pankration existed. You can fred the word Pankration (Pan Mahi) in different chapters of different books in different time lines of history. One is the story of Jason and the Argonauts, where Hercules received from Jason a shiny gold award after winning a pankration com­petition. In Orpheus's book you can also fred comments and stories about Pankra-tion.
In Ayia Triada, on the Greek island Crete, excavators found stone graphics of dif­ferent martial arts figures depicting the same moves that you see today in Oriental martial arts systems. The time line calculated was approximately 1600 B.C.
The Hellenics were good followers, this is why they have become good leaders throughout the centuries. "Athanati He!las' (Immortal Hellas) were the words spoken by Orpheus. I am proud to be bom a Hellenic, for most of my years I have lived outside of my country, but that doesn't mean I have changed in my heart who I am.
There are over 2500 members-teachers, students and competitors who are spread­ing the word like a new seed around the world about Pankration. There are some of those who are trying to step on the seeds to destroy the new growth, and there are those who are like the ancient holy Panmahos who are protecting with their lives the temple of Zeus on the mountain Olympus from unbelievers and barbarians. These holy bodyguards had strong minds and bodies like steel. All day they trained and guarded the temple. (Yet another proof that Pankration existed.)
In this new millennium, when the Olympic flame shines, Pankration has to be in­cluded in any nation that hosts the Olympic Games. This isn't' going to happen only by the World Pan Hellenic United Martial Arts foundation and it's members or by the support of Greek Government but by uniting like a fist all Hellenic martial artist in Greece, all styles and systems in Olympic competition under one umbrella. PANKRATION .....
It doesn't matter what style or system you teach, your style can fit into the Pankra-tion competition rules. Represent your style, your nation and your competitor. Wouldn't it be beautiful if some day you would hear that a Chinese Kung Fu com­petitor or an Okinawan Japanese Karate Competitor or a European, African or American or any other nationality .... were very proud that they were Olympic Champions in the Pankration Competition.
Isos mia omada, poli mikri omada, stin El!ada pon kratoun ta inia tis
vromikis E!!inikis mafias stin athletiki polemiki mahitiki tekni aftoaminas. Yia prosopika ekonomika sinferonta pou me taksitous kataligoun sta dika-stiria pou stin mirasia, andi dikomou - dikosou, itan dikomou, dikomou, diko-mou, dikosou. Dikomou, Dikomou, Dikosou. Patoun me to vromiko tsifiitiko tsarouhit°us tin idea tou O!ympiakon agonon Athena 2004 Pankration, Karate, TaeKwon Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Judo, Ju Jitsu kai den simazevete. Then eine kako na eiparhee mia, dio e ekato omospondias, to kako eine pou orismeni apo aftous eine diktatores kai kanoun kako kai se ales poli sovares omospodias, ton mahitikon athlitikon tehnon, afto aminas. Kai silo-gous proponitas (ekpedeftes) kai athlitas. I Korea, prothise to TaeKwon Do, I Iaponia to Judo, yiati oxi emis to Pankration? Apo mas eksartate kai mono apo mas ......
I don't want any misunderstandings. My last comment is between Greeks. For more information about Pankration

Professor Of The Martial Arts, Kratios Vasilios Katsaitis




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