Photo gallery OF members


Kratios Grandmaster Vasilos Katsaitis

Founder President & international director, presents the awards to the  

cosmopolitan Florida hall of fame recipients

Board members for the year  2001:



From left to right: Carmen daughter Gina Katsaitis wife or Kratios hosts of Cosmopolitan hall of fame and Kratios Grandmaster Vasilios Katsaitis 9th degree, Professor Peter Urban 10th degree founder usa goju , Grandmaster Herbie thompson 9th degree usa nesei goju , Professor Rick Riccardi 10th degree Nisseido ju jitso, Shihan Vincent Marchetti 10th degree Michi budo ryu, Grandmaster Edward brown 9th degree goju ryu, Professor Jose Guillermo Santiko 10th degree shang tiong, Grandmaster Wilfredo Roldan 10th dan nisei goju ryu, Professor Bill Drougas 10th dan Vichara tai jug fu kung fu, Jung She Lacy 10th dan, Grandmaster Edward Badiang 10th Degree international seitedo karate ,Ambassador of martial arts usa Carlos Velez.                                        

Show Time! Enjoy your dinner and nominations. The last recipient of there award is just as important as the first. 


From left to right: Group photo of members, The following 3 are of Grandmaster Abundio Garimot Baet does his ice show and then recieves his award, Guest and members enjoy there dinners, Continue to enjoy the dinner with the belly dancer Sahara and next belly dancer is Ellia with santa all the way from the north pole and show continue with demonstrations and award nominations good food and free open bar.