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Sincerely in the martial arts,

Kratios Professor Vasilios &Sensei Gina Katsaitis

God Bless you all!


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I hereby release and agree to hold harmless mind over matter martial arts academy promoters, directors ,participants, officials and lessees of premises, and agents, employees of all of the above from liability, loss, claims, demands, from any loss, damage, or injury including death, to my person, children, property while upon said  premises or while participating or assisting in this event. I will de disqualified. I am physically fit and aware of all of the rules of said tournament and if I don’t abide by the rules I will be disqualified. I also hereby agree that any photos or videos of myself, family or friends may be used for promotional purposes. I hereby agree in writing after reading and understanding the above waiver, assume all risks for loss, damage or injury from any cause


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Competition is good for the Soul   U.F.S.K.A: Rated“AAA”

Pan-Dojo koon: Rated *** 3 Stars


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