Mind Over Matter Florida Martial Arts Academy

Plantation FL, 33317


 Summer Camp Starts Same Day School Ends Monday Thru Friday 7:00am to  6:00pm Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm  & After School Program

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Payment and Registration Information:
Fees - A nonrefundable registration fee of $65 per child is required at the time of registration. The $65 weekly fee is due two weeks in advance of the week of care. Please consult the payment schedule on the reverse side. A late charge of $5 per day is assessed for payments not received by the due date. Payments more than 3 business days late may result in dismissal from the program.


Rates: 1 Child $69.00

2 Children $65.00 per child

3 Children $60.00 per child

4 Children & up $55.00 per child

All Prices Include Free Uniform

A late pick-up fee of $5 is assessed per child for every 15 minutes (or any part thereof) if a child is not picked up by 6 p.m. A fee of $25 is assessed for each returned check. A 5% discount will be given if payments are made in advance on a monthly basis by the due date.

Our after school martial arts program teaches your child to:

Show courtesy and respect

Be a positive role model

Excel in school and sports

Increase physical endurance

Improve mental awareness

Exhibit perseverance and pride

Set and achieve goals

Achieve self mastery

There are two amazing benefits from our after school martial arts program. The first one is that our martial arts program will develop and enhance:





Balance & Coordination

Physical Fitness

Your child's grades will improve, their attention span and focus in the classroom will increase and their self esteem and confidence will go through the roof. You will notice an improvement in all these areas in a few short weeks.

The second benefit is the time that our program will create for you and your family. Most families rush home, rush to eat dinner, rush to get the homework done and then rush to get out to their evening activities. With our program, most of these things are already done by the time you pick them up, thereby creating more quality evening time for you and your family.

Make sure that your child is doing something productive after school. Would you rather have them at home watching television, playing video games and becoming a couch potato or picked up by us and improving their lives?

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